My Story


1978-1987 - Salt Lake City, Utah

I was born in Salt Lake City. I'm the oldest of 5. 

1987-1991 - Englewood, Colorado

Grew an affinity for sports, and a love of the Denver Broncos. 

1991-1993 - Guyaquil, Ecuador

Chiquita Banana moved our family south of the equator. Galapagos, Amazon, travels that I appreciate now as an adult. 

1993-1994 - San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Roatán is gorgeous when you're 16. Honduras was integral in my beginnings as a musician. 

1994-Present - Salt Lake City, Utah

Graduated from Tooele High School in 1996. Went to the University of Utah at the age of 18. I wasn't ready. I worked entry level jobs, and looked for a path. I eventually stumbled into afterschool programming, Autism intervention and Adolescent Development.


Spain, Hawaii, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Honduras, Germany