John Lyman

M.Ed - Educational Psychology

Instructional Design & Educational Technology

John Lyman

M.Ed - Educational Psychology

Instructional Design & Educational Technology

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Who Am I?

I am a multidisciplinary educator with over 20 years of experience. I strive to be innovative, collaborative, self-motivated and empathetic. Leadership, mentoring, facilitation, design, partnership and community engagement are all in my tool belt. My formative years were spent in Latin America, providing me with a global perspective, though I have a strong local focus. 

My objective is to create cutting edge, immersive educational technology experiences and learning tools. I enjoy utilizing my B.S. in Developmental Psychology, and my M.Ed. in Instructional Design to build hybrid environments. While I specialize in adolescents, I am well versed in adult learning, as well as early childhood. As I look toward a future driven by the exponential growth of technology, I see learning environments equipped with VR, AR, and techniques designed with today’s learner in mind. 

I look forward to joining you in a brainstorm.

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M.Ed. Educational Psychology; Instructional Design & Educational Technology - 2018

Program Emphasis - Preparing students to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate technology-based instruction for educational contexts. The theoretical issues associated with technology-supported instruction and the applications of technology to support best-teaching practices.

  • Capstone – Audience Analysis, Canvas LMS. 
    • Client Scientific Computing & Imaging Institute
  • 4.0 – Summa Cum Laude

B.S. Developmental Psychology - 2009

Program Emphasis - The study of how people change across multiple psychological domains from infancy throughout their lifespan. Specializing in adolescent development and autism.

  • Psi Chi - International Honor Society in Psychology 
  • 3.85 – Cum Laude 


Salt Lake City Corporation


Community Program Manager

Leadership & Management

· 15 – years as a supervisor, mentor, advocate, advisor, colleague & cheer leader.

· SLRN – Salt Lake Regional Network Staffing Subcommittee (Chair) & Advisory Board.

· 10 – former employees are now educational managers.

Group Facilitation & Training

· 90 – Participants served annually; 1200+ total

· Plan & facilitate bi-annual staff training; Presenter at state-wide Jumpstart & Recharge conference.

· Created animated orientation video, van training, snack training, staff training.

Content Creation & Curriculum Design

· 200+ – Educational experiences developed, designed & implemented.

· Developed and produced YouthCity TV, CityVille, YouthCity University, & Futurama programs.

· Implementation of virtual & augmented reality, streaming, Breakout EDU.

Partnership & Community Engagement

· Manage, maintain and support multiple community partnerships.

· Plan, market, coordinate and M.C. numerous community events and activities.

· Chair of the Liberty Park Partners community committee.



1978-1987 - Salt Lake City, Ut.

I was born in Salt Lake City. I'm the oldest of 5. 

1987-1991 - Englewood, Co.

Grew an affinity for sports, and a love of the Denver Broncos.

1991-1993 - Guyaquil, Ecuador

Chiquita Banana moved our family south of the equator. Hablo español. 

1993-1994 - San Pedro, Honduras

Roatán is gorgeous when you're 16. Honduras was integral in my beginnings as a musician. 

1994-Present - Salt Lake City, Ut.

I graduated from Tooele High School in 1996. Went to the University of Utah at the age of 18. I wasn't ready. I worked entry level jobs, and looked for a path. I eventually stumbled into afterschool programming, Autism intervention and Adolescent Development.



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