John Lyman

M.Ed - Educational Psychology

Instructional Design & Educational Technology

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  • Father, husband, M.Ed, rock musician, futurist, designer, and kid whisperer. 
  • I have spent the last 20 years designing and implementing multidisciplinary activities with local youth.

Personal Axioms-   

  • If anything goes according to plan, you’re doing something wrong. 
    • Be cognizant and adaptable.  
  • Complacency is the highest form of ignorance. 
    • Be introspective and empathetic.  
  • Prepare our youth for a world that doesn’t exist yet. 
    • Be innovative and use foresight.  
  • Don’t use the power you have as an adult, just because you’re an adult with power.
    • Be accountable and responsible.  
  • Discipline and group management philosophy
    • Fun, Fair, Firm.  
  • I make music, movies, marketing materials amongst many other things.
    • (see below)

Join me as I look to advocate, innovate and educate as the exponential growth of technology engulfs us. 

Let's get caught in a brainstorm.

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M.Ed. Instructional Design & Educational Technology

2018 - University of Utah

B.S. Developmental Psychology

2009 - Westminster College


Salt Lake City Corporation


Community Program Manager

I... Manage 

  • Daily programming and logistics for up to 70 local youth and their families. 
  • Plan, develop and implement community activities, including programs, events, staffing, scheduling, and budget administration.

I... Develop Curriculum

  • Create, innovate, and develop curriculum for ages 8-14.
  • Consult with staff on their curriculum.
  • Design instruction. 

I... Fund-Raise and Market 

  • Program events and activities
  • Communicate philosophy, goals and results to external sources and community partners.

I... Research, Write and Submit

  • Grant proposals to sustain long-term viability of community programs. 
  • Annual compliance and reporting on grants earned.

I... Compile and Analyze Demographic Data

  • Maintain, prepare and analyze.
  • Conduct needs analysis.
  • Set program goals and monitor/evaluate program effectiveness. 
  • Track program statistics and other business-related operations data.

I... Coordinate With Community Partners

  • Develop and maintains successful relationships.
  • Coordinate with various community-based groups, agencies, schools, committees and other organizations to plan and develop programs to benefit residents and maximize participation.
  • Prepare, issue and track partnership/ artist’s agreements and serve as project contact for each agreement.

I... Supervise

  • Staff, seasonal workers, and volunteers, including hiring, training, and performance evaluation. 
  • Initiates corrective and/or disciplinary action, as necessary.

I... Resolve Conflict

  • By responding to patron complaints and resolves problems.

My Goal

  • Assessment and creation of innovative, inclusive and engaging programming, preparing for jobs that don’t exist yet. 


  • Community Chair – Liberty Park Partners in the Park.  
  • Speaker at the Utah Afterschool Networks Biannual Jumpstart and Recharge conferences. Topics include
    • Character Education Best Practices
    • Future Generations
    • Speaking (Generation) Z
  • Implementation of annual CityVille adult simulation experience. Culminating in YouthCity Comic Con.
  • Civic Engagement Liaison for the YouthCity-Westminster College Young Adult/Young Adolescent program. 
  • Partnership coordination in conjunction with-
    • University of Utah
    • Westminster College
    • Wasatch Community Garden
    • Salt Lake County
    • Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective
    • KRCL
    • Salt Lake City School District
    • Salt Lake City Corporation. 


1978-1987 - Salt Lake City, Ut.

I was born in Salt Lake City. I'm the oldest of 5. 

1987-1991 - Englewood, Co.

Grew an affinity for sports, and a love of the Denver Broncos.

1991-1993 - Guyaquil, Ecuador

Chiquita Banana moved our family south of the equator. Hablo español. 

1993-1994 - San Pedro, Honduras

Roatán is gorgeous when you're 16. Honduras was integral in my beginnings as a musician. 

1994-Present - Salt Lake City, Ut.

I graduated from Tooele High School in 1996. Went to the University of Utah at the age of 18. I wasn't ready. I worked entry level jobs, and looked for a path. I eventually stumbled into afterschool programming, Autism intervention and Adolescent Development.



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